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A Los Angeles native, Andy Thrift has over 20 years of construction knowledge and experience. His detail oriented, hands on, straight talking work ethic is what sets him apart from the average contractor. His veteran team is considered family (and some actually are) and their working style is that of a well-oiled machine.

"Level, plumb and square." It's what all competent contractors do. But a craftsman brings much more to your project. Andy Thrift keeps an eye on what he calls the "4th dimension" of your project. Ensuring the aesthetics and functionality of one component meshes properly with the others to create the ideal sensory and functional experience. In other words, it's the difference between "done" and "perfect."

Most contractors show up for the bidding process and then don't return until it's time to pick up the check at the end, sub-contracting all of the work to people you've never even met or researched. Andy Thrift will never farm out your project. He and his team perform your work from start to finish. Only when there are specialty services needed will he contract other skilled craftsman from his vetted list of affiliates.

Experience. Knowledge. Honesty.
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