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Aldwyn is an alley cat who believes himself to be ordinary and magicless. As far back as he can remember he’s lived on the streets of Bridgetower, with no parents, no family and no humans looking out for him. He’s had to rely on his wits and wiles to survive. Then one morning, while being chased through the back alleys by a vicious stray hunter, Aldwyn ducks into an unusual pet store to hide. Moments later, Jack, a young wizard in training, comes in to choose a magical animal to be his familiar... and he picks Aldwyn, mistaking him for a telekinetic bicolor cat.

  • Quote: “What, these? Oh, they’re not fleas, they’re freckles.”
  • Likes: Fresh fish, sleeping under the stars, performing elaborate heists
  • Dislikes: Cat traps, shadow hounds, sour milk
  • Magical Talent: None.
  • Loyal: Jack
  • Embarrassing factoid: Once chirped like a pigeon to steal bread crumbs from a blind lady.

Skylar is a head strong, know-it-all blue jay fascinated by all aspects of magic – even the darker ones. She was raised at the Nearhurst Aviary, a crystal-domed building hidden on the northern border of Vastia behind the illusion of a mountain. Birds of all kinds were schooled there by the human keepers to master their innate talent of casting illusions. Their education was strict and formal; an eliteness bred in them, of both intellectual and magical superiority. She can come off harsh and abrasive, but always has her companions’ backs, loyal to the end.

  • Quote: “Tricks? Tricks are for circus monkeys. I’m an illusionist.”
  • Likes: Libraries, spell components, the sound of her own voice
  • Dislikes: Fleas, getting rained on, incompetent familiars
  • Magical Talent: Illusions – creating the appearance of objects that aren’t really there.
  • Loyal: Dalton
  • Embarrassing factoid: Once answered only 99 out of 100 questions correct on a pollen identification quiz.

Gilbert is a lovable but hapless tree frog with a spotty track record of divination - the ability to see visions of the past, present, and future in pools of water. He grew up in the Swamps of Daku, the eldest of 65. He felt the pressure of being the first born and never lived up to his father’s expectations for him. In fact, he was a fairly big disappointment and it’s always hung over him like a cloud. He just wishes he could make his dad proud of him.

  • Quote: “Hi, I’m Gilbert. But you can call me Gil. Or Bert. Do I have any flies in my teeth?”
  • Likes: Mosquitos, writing poetry, the inside of Marianne’s shirt pocket
  • Dislikes: Gundabeasts, lightning snow, boat rides
  • Magical Talent: Divination – the power to see visions of past, present, and future in pools of water.
  • Loyal: Marianne
  • Embarrassing factoid: Once thought he had a vision of being attacked by tiny hippopotamuses, but it turned out he was looking at floating sour dill pickles in a pickle barrel.